Thursday, October 15, 2015

Louis Moinet

Once upon a time there was a man named Louis Moinet. He was a XIXth century watchmaker well ahead of his time... pun intended. He is responsible for the first chronograph in history, and I have the honor to pay tribute to the 200th year anniversary of its creation. 

Louis Moinet
A chronograph is a device made to measure elapsed time, i.e. a stopwatch, and as it's true inventor Moinet has come to a historic crossroads:  the bicentenary of the chronograph (1816-2016), the Atelier’s tenth anniversary, and the launch of the new Memoris timepiece. A standard chronograph has two buttons. The top one is used to start and stop the chronograph function and the bottom will reset everything to zero. The Memoris is the first chronograph-watch in history, and the innovation behind the creation of this timepiece is genius. The entire chronograph function has been updated to a dial, therefore becoming the primary function as well as the heart its design. 

"The chronograph is a central component of the watch to which a time function has been then added. 'Energie Plus', an ingenious, automatic pawl winding system allows the piece to be wound in both directions with a minimum of excess travel and offers a level of precision that is unrivaled in the watch market." And to top it all off it is the most beautiful watch I have ever seen!! So, no surprise that ‘Memoris’ is nominated for the very prestigious Grand Prix d’Horlogerie of Geneva.

Louis Moinet
The Memoris is available in 18K pink gold, 18K white gold rhodium-plated mainplate and 18K white gold-blued mainplate. There are only 3 limited edition and 60 copies by set. With a beauty like this on my wrist, consider me fashionably on time from now on.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

Monday, September 2, 2013

Lauren Moffatt Fall 2013

Lauren Moffatt is a New-York based designer but her roots lie in Philly! She was trained in the Fine Arts, but in 2000 she left her job as graphic designer to launch her first ready-to-wear collection. 
Her unique sensibility for color, texture, and detail have established her as, "one of the most coveted independent women's designers". She has a unique ability to mix-and-match in an aesthetically pleasing way can definitely be attributed to her Fine Arts background.

 Take a look at Lauren Moffatt's 2013 fall collection. It consists of a beautiful combination of textures, and patterns culminating in what I can only describe as a whimsical librarian. I mean that in the most complementary way as possible! Her ability to mix-and-match in an aesthetically pleasing way can definitely be attributed to her Fine Arts background.  

#52 & #53 

#39 & #44